A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Simply Top Down Shooter  is simple game with a short story. You can upgrade skills, modify gameplay time experience, kill many monsters and fill all campign story mode (In final battle Dark Lord waiting for heroes like You).

What you find in this game
- Gameplay time boster (available in options panel)
- Campign mode with story for single player
- Game where you gain xp and gold and you can progress your hero by buy skill upgrades
- Maps with endless game mode (to unlock)


wsad  - moving

mouse - player rotation

mouse left click - shooting

o and r - grenade and mine drop(work only if you have some)

PLEASE SET "Faster" OPTION TO MAX VALUE (max right handle btn)

Install instructions

Unpack game and play. Game save progress so it must be unpacked. For android you must record apk on your android drive and after that install game manualy by find and run apk file.


STDS_linux.zip 57 MB
stdsAnd3.apk 67 MB
stdsWindows.zip 54 MB

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