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Ok so now i add two magical keys to game. If You press down "E" You skip trap part (You can skip all 3 parts if You like). Secon key "R" - restart game. "ESC" - pause game (but this work earlier to).

I made it to the red level and just could not make it past it.  I enjoyed the music and the multiple levels.

How many times You try "red path"?

Like 4.

Thankd for Your feedback. Maybe i try decrese top down  part difficult. I have find some bugs in gameplay and fix them now. Btw i don't think the top down level part is that hard. Few times try and everyone can defeat this obstacles.

Hey, I liked your game!  The abrupt (if that's how you spell it) transitions scared me a bit, but overall the game was a lot of fun! I have to agree with @Eden though, the top down section was a bit too hard.

Yo! Fun game!! I didn't expect the different angles (top down and front view haha). The top down section is a little too difficult though :p